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Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clippings collection

is a collection that can be combined in the game.

Each Hidden Object Picture and Puzzle game in the Seeker's Notes - Hidden Mystery has its own set of reward items that players can win, in addition to earning Experience points and coins. Many of these items form parts of collections that players can combine in order to win rewards.

This collection is currently associated with the Merchant's Mistake Artifact in the game.

See the List of Collections for a list of all the collections currently available in the game and the rewards for combining them.

Newspaper Clippings Collection[]

Newspaper Clippings is collection number 199 in the collections section of the game.

Each collection in the game consists of 5 different collection items.

Note: Each time you combine a collection, you will also receive a random Artifact Fixer (Chain, Silk Ribbon, Lace Ribbon or Cobweb).

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item Created by Combining Coins Rewarded Reward for Combining
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i01 The Landman's House.png
The Landman's House
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i02 The Landman Family.png
The Landman Family
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i03 Trading Vessel.png
Trading Vessel
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i04 Missing Person.png
Missing Person
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i05 Return.png
C0199 Newspaper Clippings i06 Franscesca's interview.png
Francesca's interview
Lock x 10
Coffee a la Vienne.png
Coffee a la Vienne x 1

Once you have collected at least one of each item for this collection, along with the required number of Fixers, the COMBINE button on the right hand side of the collection will be highlighted. You will be able to combine the collection and receive your rewards.

If the COMBINE button is not highlighted, then you are either missing one or more of the collection items, or you do not have enough of one or more of the required fixers.

Collection Items[]

The chart below details: 1) Collection Item Name; 2) Find In - the Picture(s) or puzzle(s) where the item can be found; 3) Giftable.

Collection Item Name Find In Quest Find In After Quest Giftable
The Landman's House Father's Articles Chest of the Past Yes
The Landman Family Landman Family Chest of the Past Yes
Trading Vessel First Troubles Chest of the Past Yes
Missing Person Agonizing Wait Chest of the Past Yes
Return Long-awaited Return Chest of the Past Yes


The Fixers required to assemble any collection, once all five collection items have been found, can be won as a reward for successfully investigating certain pictures and winning certain puzzle games.

The following is a list of the Fixers that are required in order to combine the Newspaper Clippings collection. Each fixer shows how many are required each time you combine a collection.

Fixer Name Number Required
Collection Fixer Pendant Turquoise.png
Collection Fixer Heron Figurine.png
Heron figurine
Collection Fixer Drum.png
Collection Fixer Bead.png