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Below is an editable list for all wikia users to add their game information to if they wish to. Please feel free to add your game information to the table below by using the edit button at the top of the page. This is a completely optional way for people to add their information such as their gifting and visiting preferences to the wikia, and you do not have to add your information if you do not want to.

If, at a later stage, you wish to edit or completely remove your information from this list, just press the edit button and change the entry. You MAY NOT edit other players information without their express permission. If you believe someone has added you to this list or edited your information without your permission, please contact an Admin.

Adding Game Information to the List of Wikia Players Gifting and Visiting Preferences Edit

You do not need to be a registered member of the wikia to add your game information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top right hand corner of this page and add your game details, you will not be asked to log-in/register.

You can add all your game information and just leave the the Wikia user name column blank if you do not want to create an account. (You can of course add a name there if you want, even if you never plan on registering). Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

For registered users: You can choose to add a link to either your profile page or message wall in the 'Wikia User Name' column or not, it is not compulsory.

To add the link to your user profile page, just type your user name in the 'Wikia User Name' column and then highlight the Text. Then press the link icon on the top of the page (looks like a chain link symbol, next to the Bold and Italic buttons in menu above page when you are editing). A pop up box will appear where you can type in the link.

Copy the following into the 'Create or edit a link' box:


and then change 'yourusername' to your actual user name. People pressing the link will be brought to the 'About me' part of your profile and can press on the 'Message Wall' link at the top of the page to go to your Message Wall and leave you a message.

If you want the link to go directly to your Message Wall, then use the following instead:


List of Current Wikia players Gifting and Visiting PreferencesEdit

Note: all columns are optional. You can add as much or as little information about you/your game as you want to.

Important - please keep your descriptions as short as possible and do not use unnecessary paragraph breaks. The table will expand to the largest entry in any one column, and can easily stretch beyond the limits of the page on smaller screens making it more difficult for other players to use.


Wikia User Name Game Name Gifting Preferences (Free Gifts) Gifting Preferences (Everything else) Visiting Preferences
5sides flower H20, scarlet lanterns WL Any Room
AndalayBay AndalayBay Locks, Pieces of Eight Wish List Anything
Carzang NPavel anything WL, keys Anything, any Room
daisyavenger Seekernotes Runes, Locks, white feathers, Alley, Hunt Lodge
Fossiliferous SSwikia Anything None Anything
Grissel Grissel Candy Cauldron,

Pieces of eight

Wishlist Anything
Hilda Corners HildaCorners Wishlist, or any Wish list Accountant & Joker.: anywhere

Ranger: HO & puzzles

KarynP Karyn Locks, grbrooches, thread, tickets WL Crafting stations, any room


Lillycat lantern, item to create anomalies WL Any Room
I'm Lulu Lulu Pieces of Eight WL Crafting stations and anywhere else
29.07 I`m RockytheCat RockytheCat any access key No Need to Thanks Libary, Any Room
I`m STU Stu new Fixers please
OodlesOfTootles Tootles Anything Wish list Anything
SeekerGirl SeekerGirl New Fixers please Wishlist Please Hire & Charge
Smiler06 Sheils Back playing Nothing needed
Talou Talou Any WL Any n all
This is Linka Linka green brooch lock Wish List
Maitri Mystery maitri any access key wl any
Sophie Grammy5D Sophie Locks, Pof8, Green Brooches WL Night Street, Gloomy House, Ship
I'm Rain River Any Access WL any
Sophie Grammy5D Grammy WL Ship, Forge, Fortune Teller, Inventor
CarolynL Carolyn Any Access Key Please WL any
Cynnotes Cyn Any key please Wish List any
Mom13579 mom13579 mom2468 mom3691 GldThread, Theater Tkt, Lantern, access keys wl, love to GIVE cotton, fang, dragonfly in yr wl Ranger, Joker-rooms, Acct, Keeper-talismans, crafters
Alliefromthemoors Allie all craftable fixers, petal, gold scale wishlist crafting stations plus any room
Eyeris1 EyerisTyvm fixer per w/l or level w/l or any key Rooms
no wiki account EKAKK golden tickets and red ribbons Anything on wishlist Anything
Fakouu Frede Anything wish list Anything
Dagoberta Dagbeth Anything Wish list Anything
Calamity246 Calamity Wish List Wish list Anything
SalHasBestFriends Sal Anything Anything Anything
Mitzi2 Mitzi anything WL Anything
Tapasz Tapasz Lanterns for garden and lollipops WL High energy rooms please
Reclusive757 reclusiveAway Anything Anything (WL empty) Anything
Imskrak 🤠🍀👋 Imskrak Any passes pls anything😚 Puzzles pls 🤠🍀
RubySparkles Ruby Gold Thread WL or any set that makes Gold Thread Anything
Keeshond Keeshond Anything WL Anything
Hilo2 Hilo Any passes Anything😘 Anything
This is Mistress Kat Mistress Kat Any passes WL, anything Crafters, any rooms
SDJan SDJan Passes WL, Anything Crafters - Any
Lilboops LilBoops Any Passes Anything Treasure Box
Celestialstorm Queenbee Anything WL, anything Anything
IskpWha1e789 Mirage Anything Energy things Anything
Paris Paris Any passes WL, Anything Tool or Chest Related Anywhere
Southcott Jamber Passes Anything Anywhere :)
Scigal7 Eden Any Any Any
SAPhipps Sheila CIs Golden Bells Merchants, Puzzles, and Events.
Cult-of-Trajan Jimbo Have winding keys, need diagrams Anything, any Room