Foundation Holiday Artwork

The Official Game Artwork on loading Screens has been given a celebratory theme for the Foundation Holiday Update

From the Publisher MyTona:

As night falls, a strange voice can be heard singing opera arias. A mysterious guest is about to disrupt the celebrations for Foundation Day. Unravel the mystery of the singing ghost!

Become a guest of the biggest celebration in Darkwood!

What's New in Version 1.18.0:

  • Over 300 new quests await you
  • Take part in the captivating Foundation Holiday event
  • Enjoy a picturesque view of a new event location: Memory Square
  • Meet the updated Mine - exploring the secrets of the underground is now more fun than ever!
  • Funny event creatures: Madam Boncake, the Fireworkus, and Mister Orchestri
  • Don't miss your chance to become the owner of festive rewards! Beautiful avatars, the City Holiday chest, and the Golden Cake talisman await you in the new event.

Download the update and get rubies for free!

The 2017 July UpdateEdit

July Foundation Holiday Update Intro

The Foundation Holiday Intro

Welcome to the July Update! Join the fun and celebrate the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game's second birthday!

Released on July 7, 2017 the update introduced the new Foundation Holiday special event and added 1 new Hidden Object Location to the game - Memory Square. The Update also included new art for the Mine Location, as well as over 300 new Quests and 30 new Collections.

Players who downloaded the update received 5 free rubies.

Foundation Holiday Timed ChallengeEdit

This special event is available to players from game level 11 and up. Players have 28 days from the 7th of July to complete 3 special timed challenges in the Foundation Holiday special event to win its unique rewards. This is the 19th Timed Challenge to be added to the game.

Important: The amount of time available for the timed challenges is set and the countdown timer began as soon as the update was released. However, each of the 3 new challenge tasks in the special event is now divided into 5 stages that reward players with a prize for each stage of completion as an extra incentive and acknowledgment of progress made in the challenge.

Foundation Holiday Avatars

The new Foundation Holiday Avatars

(1) Reach 'Virtuoso' rank on the new Hidden Object Location Memory Square to win the 2 unique game event Avatars. Once won, these new operatic Avatars go directly into the Player's Avatar options and may be accessed by tapping on the current Avatar on the top left hand corner of the Darkwood Town Map.

This challenge is divided into 5 Stages, with a reward given at each stage of completion: Lightning in a Bottle at stage 1, Gnome Clock at stage 2, Carved Chest at stage 3, Gen-encrusted Horn at stage 4, and Item-Hunting Kit at stage 5.

City Holiday Chest and Opera Diva Casket

City Holiday Chest and Opera Diva Casket

(2) Complete all 30 special event quests to win the City Holiday Chest and Opera Diva Casket. Once won, the City Holiday Chest goes directly to the Player's inventory and is found in the Chests tab of the Inventory Window. The Opera Diva Casket is a commemorative decoration for the desktop and is found on the Casket tab of the Player's current desktop Casket Icon.

This challenge is divided into 5 Stages, with a reward given at each stage of completion: Wise Owl at stage 1, Marble Chest at stage 2, Orange Strudel at stage 3, Odin's Ring at stage 4, and Fire Crystal at stage 5.

Golden Cake Talisman and Holiday Friends Picture

The Golden Cake Talisman and Holiday Friends Picture

(3) Collect 100 Darkwood Lights by banishing the new event Monsters to win the Golden Cake Talisman and Holiday Friends Picture. The Golden Cake Talisman multiplies the rate of energy regeneration by 5 for 1 day. Once won, the new talisman goes directly to inventory and is found in the Talismans tab of the Inventory Window. The Holiday Friends Picture is an image of the 3 new creatures of this update and is found by tapping on the desktop casket and choosing the Gallery tab.

This challenge is divided into 5 Stages, with a reward given at each stage of completion: Medallion of Greatness at stage 1, Flying Time at stage 2, Melon Dessert at stage 3, Thunder Amulet at stage 4, and Ring of Runes at stage 5.

(4) A Top 100 Banishing Leaderboard. The top banishers in the event will win a gold, silver, or bronze medal stamp for their Monster Picture and a corresponding gold, silver, or bronze chest containing various goodies.

Top 100 Banishing Leaderboard Foundation Holiday Update

The Top 100 Banishing Leaderboard for the July Foundation Holiday Update

Completion of the overall Foundation Holiday event by finishing all 3 challenge tasks (the 4th is just extra) will award the Player with the Imperishable Glory Medal. The new medal will go into the Player's Medals tab in the Casket Icon.

Event Quests and Collection ItemsEdit

Decorative Quest Border Foundation Holiday

The decorative quest border for the Foundation Holiday special event

The 30 new special event quests consist of 5 collection sequences of 6 quests each. The first 5 quests of each sequence are to find each of the 5 items belonging to one new collection added by the update. The 6th quest is to combine that collection.

Listed below are the 5 collections players must gather to complete the event's quests. note a random artifact fixer is also awarded when a collection is combined for the first time.

Collection Name Item Created Coins Reward for Completing Collection Giftable Collection?
Meeting with the Ghost Ghost's Music Box 0 Special Item Coat of Arms Impressionx10Coffee a la Viennex1 No
Festive Play Darkwood Tree 0 Special Item Coat of Arms Impressionx15Coffee a la Viennex2 No
Preparation Difficulties Anthem of Darkwood 0 Special Item Coat of Arms Impressionx20Belgian Wafflesx1 No
Diva Margot's Pearl 0 Special Item Coat of Arms Impressionx25Belgian Wafflesx2 No
Breaking Oblivion Pool of Oblivion 0 Special Item Coat of Arms Impressionx30Cakex1 No

Once the special event is over, these collection items may be acquired by purchasing a special event chest from the Store.

Event CreaturesEdit

The Holiday Friends are 3 new event creatures to be banished: Mister Orchestri, the Fireworkus, and Madam Boncake.

Because of our grand preparations for Foundation Day, holiday spirits have unexpectedly come to the city.Festive music is playing in the city day and night.

An eccentric holiday spirit. A one-creature band that annoys everyone with never-ending loud music. You see, Mister Orchestri has come to Darkwood to visit. He can't stand silence and so deafens everyone with his loud playing. Mister Orchestri's music is undoubtedly very cheerful, but it's impossible to listen to it all day.

A funny embodiment of holiday spirit, in the form of the master of fireworks. Unable to control his own explosive lights, though. Fireworks keep exploding in the streets of Darkwood. Sudden flashes of merry lights, frightening the townspeople. It turns out that the Fireworkus has come to our city. There's no denying those fireworks were beautiful, but they were causing a great inconvenience.

A funny creature and an embodiment of holiday spirit. Amuses herself by throwing cakes at the faces of random passersby. Madam Boncake is throwing pieces of cake at the citizens' faces. Madam Boncake's projectiles were delicious, but life is calmer when no one is throwing cakes at your face.

Banishing the event creatures will award the new Fixers required to combine the new Event Collections. Banish 100 and collect the Darkwood Lights to complete the third stage of the timed challenge. Players may continue banishing the event creatures to achieve a high score and placement on the Top 100 Banishing Leaderboard.

The new Fixers required to combine the new Event Collections are:

Fixer Icon Amount Needed How to Obtain Item(s) Required to Banish Monster WL/ Free Gift to Friends?
Dancer Figurine Dancer Figurine 36 Banish Mister Orchestri Sound Catcher x1 (find in Memory Square location) No
Nut with a Surprise Nut with a Surprise 36 Banish Mister Orchestri Sound Catcher x1 No
Star Garland Star Garland 18 Banish Fireworkus Water Vortex x2 (won by banishing Mister Orchestri) No
Crystal Gramophone Crystal Gramophone 10 Banish Madam Boncake Fire Spices x3 (won by banishing Fireworkus) No

Although obtaining these Fixers sounds complicated, they can all be obtained in exactly the same way. In the end, 58 Sound Catchers are needed to complete the 30 event quests.

To banish the event creatures, you must first play the new Hidden Object Location Memory Square until you win some Sound Catchers. You then use these Sound Catchers to banish the new 'Mister Orchestri' event creature, collecting the Dancer Figurine and Nut with a Surprise Fixers as you well as the Water Vortex needed to banish the next event creature 'Fireworkus'. Use the Water Vortex to banish 'Fireworkus', collecting the Star Garland Fixers and also the Fire Spices needed to banish 'Madam Boncake' in order to get the Crystal Gramophone Fixers. Thus, as you play Memory Square in order to complete the 30 Special Quests and advance towards Virtuoso level, you will naturally collect all that you need to create the fixers required to combine the new event collections. Each banishment also awards the Darkwood Lights needed to complete the third and fourth parts of the event challenge itself.

Note: These creatures will disappear as soon as the event is over, either by the completion of the Foundation Holiday challenge or by time running out for the event.

Completing the Timed ChallengesEdit

Keep in mind that the more you play the Location, the higher the Location Rank you will achieve for the Location, and the more access passes will be required for each play of that Location.

As a guide, in order to reach Virtuoso Rank on the Memory Square Location, and win the new Avatars, you will need to play the Location approximately 150 times, which will require approximately 3,285 Coat of Arms Impression Access Passes!
Level  % Progress # Plays # Access Passes Total Access Passes to finish
Novice 20% 5 5 25
Amateur 25% every 2 plays 8 10 80
Connoisseur 25% every 3 plays 12 15 180
Sleuth 4% 25 20 500
Detective 1% 100 25 2,500
Total to Virtuoso level 3,285

Summer Holiday Mini Event ChallengeEdit

Summer Holiday Mini Event

Summer Holiday Mini Event Challenge for July 2017

This special mini-event challenge is available to players from Level 7 and up.

Players have 7 days starting from July 10, 2017 to complete the challenge by playing the Treasure Box or Haunted Lights puzzles and collecting a certain amount of Holiday Medals in order to win the special rewards.

Successfully winning games in either the Treasure Box or Haunted Lights puzzles award Players with anywhere from 3 to 5 Holiday Medals per win:

  • Collect 25 Holiday Medals to win 1 Strawberry Gelato - restores 60 energy
  • Collect 125 Holiday Medals to win 1 Melon Dessert - restores 120 energy
  • Collect 250 Holiday Medals to win 1 Carved Chest - chest of useful collection items
  • Collect 400 Holiday Medals to win 1 Wizard's Treasure - chest of magical talismans
  • Collect 600 Holiday Medals to win 1 Shot of Vigor - gives free energy for 1 hour

Festive Fun ChallengeEdit

Festive Fun July 2017

Festive Fun mini-event Challenge for July 2017

The Festive Fun mini-event challenge is back and is available to players from Level 10 and up.

Players have 10 days starting from July 17, 2017 to complete the challenge by playing the Treasure Box or Haunted Lights puzzles.

There are 3 special event reagents to be found by playing the puzzles. The goal is to collect the special event reagents and craft the special event items at the Merchants (Fortune Teller, Forge, and Inventor).

Crafting the special items gives Gold Stars which rewards the Player with the following items:

  • Collect 10 Gold Stars to win 1 Banana Pudding - restores 35 energy
  • Collect 50 Gold Stars to win 1 Demeter's Chest - contains talismans and energy boosters
  • Collect 100 Gold Stars to win 1 Shot of Vigor - gives free energy for 1 hour
  • Collect 250 Gold Stars to win 1 Moonlight Jewelry Box - commemorative casket desktop decoration

After completing the challenge, Players may continue to collect Gold Stars, winning 1 Shot of Vigor for every 200 collected afterwards.

Happy Anniversary Gift from MyTonaEdit

Players who logged into the game on August 2, 2017 received a special gift celebrating the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game's second anniversary: 2017 coins, 2 rubies and 2 cakes.

Foundation Holiday Gift

MyTona's Gift celebrating Seeker's Notes' 2nd Anniversary

Changes in Version 1.18.0Edit

The July Update made a few significant changes to the game:

  • Mine has entirely new art and some new items added as well
  • Villa is now a regular location no longer requiring the access pass Precious Aigrette to play
  • Hidden object items in several locations have been renamed
  • Some chests have been renamed: Antique Box to Marble Chest, Carved Box to Carved Chest, Magic Box to Wizard's Treasure
  • The font on friend's names when visiting friend's map has been changed to be bigger and brighter
  • The loading screen has been given a festive theme for the duration of the special event

Players have reported a myriad of issues with the new update including random game crashes and resets of their game account to Level 1. Players experiencing such issues should contact MyTona game support for help.