Diary page01

First page of the Diary

The Diary section, accessed by pressing the Diary icon on your Darkwood Town Map keeps track of the story line in the Seeker's Notes - Mystery of Darkwood game.

You play as an unidentified new arrival in the Town of Darkwood. The Town Council quickly promotes you to the position of 'Seeker of Darkwood' due to you uncanny ability to find lost items.

Darkwood Town is suffering from a mysterious Curse. It is up to you to discover what caused the Curse and to find a way to lift it. By using your Seeker's abilities to gain access to the many strange locations within Darkwood it is up to you to piece together the mystery of the Cursed Town. As you work through your tasks as Seeker, you unlock new locations to investigate, new games to play, new Townspeople to interact with and new objects to find. All the information you gather as you try to unravel the mystery of the Curse of Darkwood is kept in your Diary.

Using the DiaryEdit

As you play through the many quests in the game, you will unlock new pages of your Diary, each revealing more details of the town and its many strange inhabitants.

Opening the Diary using the Diary icon on your Darkwood Town Map allows you to re-read all the pages you have unlocked so far. The order of the pages of the Diary depends on the order you complete certain quests chains and the order you open up new locations in the game. This means that every Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood player's Diary may have a slightly different page order. You may need to unravel the true order of the pages yourself to follow the story-line of the game.

Diary PagesEdit

The slideshow below shows many of the Diary pages unlocked playing through the story-line of the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood. The order of the pages in the slideshow may differ to the order you see in your own Diary for the reasons described above. There's a total of 384 pages in the diary as of version 1.34.0 (iOS) be aware that this number includes event pages, so it will definitely increase.