0 Seeker’s Gift Casket

Desk Caskets available at Level 7

At the top of your Map you will find a Casket where all your Event Caskets, Medals and Pictures you have won are stored. By tapping on the casket a new window will open, you can browse through the 3 categories and select one of the caskets as a map decoration.

When you visit your friends map, you can tap their casket too and see their achievements throughout the game.

‘’’Note:’’’ Caskets are in comparison to Chests just an ornamental feature.

You can win caskets by completing Timed Challenges and by playing Festive Fun Mini Events which in general include playing the puzzles Haunted Lights and Treasure Box. In addition to the caskets you will receive corresponding Medals and Pictures for your Gallery.

Event Caskets and MedalsEdit

The following is a list of Caskets and Medals you can (could) win during Timed Challenges:

Event Casket Medal Gallery
Available at level 7
0 Seeker’s Gift Casket
Seeker’s Gift Casket
0 Hope of Darkwood
Hope of Darkwood
Foundation Day
1 Foundation Day Melpomene’s Gift Casket
Melpomene’s Gift Casket
1 Foundation Day Savior of the Holiday
Savior of the Holiday
1 Foundation Day Jolly Gnomes
Jolly Gnomes
Lost Treasury
2 Lost Treasury Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
2 Lost Treasury Spell Breaker
Spell Breaker
2 Lost Treasury Treasure Keepers
Treasure Keepers
Mystery of the Dark Square
3 Mystery of the Dark Square Black Cat
Black Cat
3 Mystery of the Dark Square Halloween Hero
Halloween Hero
3 Mystery of the Dark Square Halloween Guests
Halloween Guests
Enchanted Harvest
4 Enchanted Harvest Berry Myriard
Berry Myriard
4 Enchanted Harvest Harvest Triumph
Harvest Triumph
4 Enchanted Harvest Bewitched Animals
Bewitched Animals
Snowy Fairy Tale
5 Snowy Fairy Tale Santa’s Sack
Santa’s Sack
5 Snowy Fairy Tale Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit
5 Snowy Fairy Tale Heralds of Winter
Heralds of Winter
Ice Dancing
6 Ice Dancing Snow Grace
Snow Grace
6 Ice Dancing Golden Ice Skate
Golden Ice Skate
6 Ice Dancing Guardians of the Cold
Guardians of the Cold
Flower Festival
7 Flower Festival Secret Garden
Secret Garden
7 Flower Festival Queen of Flowers
Queen of Flowers
7 Flower Festival Jolly Fellows
Jolly Fellows
Legends of Darkwood
8 Legends of Darkwood Old Fairy Tale
Old Fairy Tale
8 Legends of Darkwood Urban Legend
Urban Legend
8 Legends of Darkwood Living Legends
Living Legends
9 Birds Airy Miracle
Airy Miracle
9 Birds Wings of Spring
Wings of Spring
9 Birds Mighty Birds
Mighty Birds
Sorcerer's Spell
10 Sorcerer's Spell Mirror World Heart
Mirror World Heart
10 Sorcerer's Spel Mirror World
Mirror World
10 Sorcerer's Spel Dark Reflections
Dark Reflections
Inviolable Prohibition
11 Inviolable Prohibition Witch’s Flower
Witch’s Flower
11 Inviolable Prohibition Antique Cameo
Antique Cameo
11 Inviolable Prohibition Sorceress's Pets
Sorceress's Pets
Foundation Holiday
12 Foundation Holiday Opera Diva
Opera Diva
12 Foundation Holiday Imperishable Glory
Imperishable Glory
12 Foundation Holiday Holiday Friends
Holiday Friends
Enchanted Confectionery
13 Enchanted Confectionary Sweet Masterpiece
Sweet Masterpiece
13 Enchanted Confectionary Chocolatier's Pride
Chocolatier's Pride
13 Enchanted Confectionary Living Desserts
Living Desserts
Mystery of Wonderpark
14 Mystery of Wonderpark Savior of the Park
Savior of the Park
14 Mystery of Wonderpark Merry-Go-Round
14 Mystery of Wonderpark Park Inhabitants
Park Inhabitants
Scary Pranks
15 Scary Pranks Halloween Charm
Halloween Charm
15 Scary Pranks Vanquisher of Fears
Vanquisher of Fears
15 Scary Pranks Cheery Gang
Cheery Gang
Long Fall
16 Long Fall Fall Charm
Fall Charm
16 Long Fall Fall Fairy Tale
Fall Fairy Tale
16 Long Fall Fox Family
Fox Family
Holiday for All
17 Holiday for All Waiting for a Miracle
Waiting for a Miracle
17 Holiday for All Guardian of Gifts
Guardian of Gifts
17 Holiday for All Snowman's Team
Snowman's Team
Hearts of Ice
18 Hearts of Ice Winter Dream
Winter Dream
18 Hearts of Ice Warmth of the Soul
Warmth of the Soul
18 Hearts of Ice Spirits of Cold
Spirits of Cold
Magic Scroll
19 Magic Scroll Oriental Luxury
Oriental Luxury
19 Magic Scroll Legendary Hero
Legendary Hero
19 Magic Scroll Legends from the Scroll
Legends from the Scroll
Poetry of Spring
20 Poetry of Spring Beautiful Moment
Beautiful Moment
20 Poetry of Spring Connoisseur of Beauty
Connoisseur of Beauty
20 Poetry of Spring Garden Guardians
Spring Garden Guardians
Endless Games
21 Endless Games Flower Symphony
Flower Symphony
21 Endless Games Kind Friend
Kind Friend.
21 Endless Games Return of the Winged
Return of the Winged
Enchanted Spring
22 Enchanted Spring Stone Blossom
Stone Blossom
22 Enchanted Spring Forest's Gratitude
Forest's Gratitude
22 Enchanted Spring The Return of the Dragons
The Return of the Dragons
Message through Time
23 Message through Time Moon Breeze
Moon Breeze
23 Message through Time Call of Adventure
Call of Adventure
23 Message through Time Sea Legends
Sea Legends
Hocus Pocus
24 Hocus Pocus Flower Flight
Flower Flight
24 Hocus Pocus Hero of Darkwood
Hero of Darkwood
24 Hocus Pocus Uninvited Guests
Uninvited Guests
Mysterious Scent
25 Mysterious Scent Frozen Scent
Frozen Scent
25 Mysterious Scent Essence of a Dream
Essence of a Dream
25 Mysterious Scent Old Fairy Tales
Old Fairy Tales
Legend of the Alchemist
26 Legend of the Alchemist Secret Knowledge
Secret Knowledge
26 Legend of the Alchemist Science and Magic
Science and Magic
26 Legend of the Alchemist Secret Alchemist's Apprentices
Alchemist's Apprentices
Pumpkin Nostalgia
27 Pumpkin Nostalgia Wondrous Coach
Wondrous Coach
27 Pumpkin Nostalgia Guardian of the Mill
Guardian of the Mill
27 Pumpkin Nostalgia Gang of Despoilers
Gang of Despoilers
Magic of Music
28 Magic of Music Fall Sonata
Fall Sonata
28 Magic of Music Magic Melody
Magic Melody
28 Magic Music Living Forest
Living Forest
Mystery of December
29 Mystery of December Fairy-Tale Snowfall
Fairy-Tale Snowfall
29 Mystery of December Time for Magic
Time for Magic
29 Mystery of December Winter Guests
Winter Guests
Message of Pegasus
30 Message of Pegasus Wings of Imagination
Wings of Imagination
30 Message of Pegasus Creator of Beauty
Creator of Beauty
30 Message of Pegasus Frosty Fairies
Frosty Fairies

Festive Fun CasketsEdit

The following is a list of Caskets you can (could) win during Festive Fun Challenges:

Casket Festive Fun
FF1 Fall Symphony
Fall Symphony
FF2 Rich Man's Money Box
Rich Man's Money Box
Festive Fun December 2016
FF3 Lady's Dream
Lady’s Dream
Festive Fun March 2017
FF4 Fire Butterflies
Fire Butterflies
Festive Fun May 2017
FF5 Pink Sparkle
Pink Sparkle
Festive Fun June 2017
FF6 Moonlight
Festive Fun July 2017
FF7 Mermaid's Song
Mermaid's Song
Festive Fun August 2017
FF8 Mystery of Midnight
Mystery of Midnight
Festive Fun September 2017
FF9 Sorcerous Candies
Sorcerous Candies
Festive Fun October 2017
FF10 Tree of Wishes
Tree of Wishes
Festive Fun November 2017
FF11 Winter Miracle
Winter Miracle
Festive Fun January 2018
FF12 Flower Rendevous
Flower Rendevous
Festive Fun February 2018
FF13 Old Legends
Old Legends
Festive Fun March 2018
FF14 Celestial Azure
Celestial Azure
Festive Fun April 2018
FF16 Song of the Waves
Song of the Waves
Festive Fun May 2018
FF15 Mystery of the Seas
Mystery of the Seas
Festive Fun June 2018
FF17 Pearl Delicacy
Pearl Delicacy
Festive Fun July 2018
FF18 Golden Delight
Golden Delight
Festive Fun August 2018
FF19 Forest Fantasy
Forest Fantasy
Festive Fun October 2018
FF20 Golden Season
Golden Season
Festive Fun November 2018
FF21 Gingerbread Mood
Gingerbread Mood
Festive Fun December 2018