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Ballroom is a Hidden Object Location in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game. At night, the lonely sounds of an unfinished sonata echoes eerily on a solo piano, filling the room with a sad melody!

The art for Ballroom was redrawn significantly in an August 2016 update to the game, with new interiors and furnishings. Additionally, the April 2017 Update renamed a few of the hidden object items.

Ballroom is the fifth location to be added to the Darkwood Town Map and Players must be at Game Level of 9 or higher to unlock it.

Unlocking and Open QuestEdit

Open Location Window BAllroom

Open Location Window for Ballroom

The Player unlocks Ballroom upon reaching Game Level 9.

A Quest given by Helen will start, asking you to find the Key to the Ballroom so that Lady Byron can hold an major event there. The Ballroom Key Quest asks the Player to win Hidden Object games of Train Station (although any location can also be played for the Key). Once this Quest starts, you must successfully explore the location in order to get the Key to Ballroom as one of the rewards for winning.

Once you have the Key to Ballroom, you can open the new Location. Tapping on the Icon for the Location on the Darkwood Town Map will bring up the 'Open' Window for the Location.

The location requires only a set amount of Energy to play. The amount of Energy required to play will increase as the Location Rank of the room increases.


The following is a list of Hidden Objects that can be found in Ballroom. Depending on the Rank and Game Mode you may not have to find all the items in one play of the Location.

  • Angel Statue (renamed from Cupid Statue and is white instead of gold)
  • Bell
  • Binoculars
  • Birdcage Veil
  • Book
  • Bottle
  • Bow
  • Candelabra (renamed from Candlestick)
  • Clock
  • Clutch
  • Cup
  • Diadem
  • Grapes
  • Hand Fan (renamed from Fan)
  • Horse (renamed from Horse Bust)
  • Hourglass
  • Mask
  • Mirror
  • Quills (renamed from Feather)
  • Scroll
  • Shoe (renamed from High-Heeled Shoe)
  • Teapot
  • Top Hat
  • Umbrella
  • Violin

Morph mode has its own items that need to be found, separate from those listed above.

Collection Item SetsEdit

Listed below are the Collection Item sets specific to the Ballroom location. note a random special fixer is also awarded when a collection is combined for the first time.

Collection Name Item Created Coins Earned Rewards Giftable Collection?
Great Books The Iliad 250 Hand Mirror x 3 Yes
Fine Cups Golden Cup 250 Belgian Waffles x 1 Yes
Loyal Assistants Rottweiler 250 Lightning in a Bottle x 5 Yes


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